How This Started

The idea for The Itchy Soul Project started years ago. The question is how- how the hell– do we find ways to create meaning, and satisfaction, in our lives and livelihood in a world that feels like an ongoing dumpster fire?

Then Trump was elected, and for many of us it feels like someone through gas on that dumpster fire. And to be honest, it seemed that all I could do was survive. The room for anything beyond covering my bases in life was non-existent.

Then the worst day of my life happened.

On May 18, 2018 I was in my mother’s living room. I had been home for a few weeks to help her out as we figured out how to get her back on her feet. And after what seemed like a day where she was rallying. I left the room for a few minutes to flip the laundry and text my sister. I was about to settle into my bottom floor bedroom when I realized I left my charger upstairs.

That is when I found her. She her heart had stopped, she wasn’t breathing.

On May 18th, after doing CPR, after EMT’s restarted her heart, my mom died in the same hospital she gave birth to all four of her daughters.

There are so many things that happened between that day and now. A year of grieving, anger, and profound sadness. And figuring out how to move through the deepest sadness I’ve ever known.

I can’t continue to pursue my career and pretend that it is enough. That it is satisfying enough.

I have an itchy soul. And it is time to figure out how to scratch it in a world that still feels like a dumpster fire. And help other folks with itchy souls figure out how to navigate their dreams in ways that are inclusive and intersectional.

So- if you are out there, welcome. I hope that when all is said and done, something I have found, reviewed or posted speaks to you and helps you on your way.

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